Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Web Usability and SEO Friendliness Part 1

Starting a new website design or re-design project can be overwhelming with all the details you have to decide on and consider. In the process, the issue of SEO and web usability is quickly misplaced or categorized as a Want rather than a Need.

Whether it is an e-commerce or B2B site generating leads, it is critical to the long-term performance of the site to implement not only the SEO factors in a site design, but to consider all elements of web usability in the equation.
Following are some helpful tips for SEO, web usability and higher traffic conversion ratio:

Site design: Minimum clicks, maximum information. This strategy always wins out.

  • Visitors like info in small packages.
  • Form and Factor should be consistent.
  • A well structured layout leads to less eye movement thus increasing the likeness for the site.

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