Thursday, November 6, 2008

End of Outsourcing?

Does the rise of Obama signal the fall of the outsourcing industry? Nyaaaahh!!! I don't think so! Ask yourself this simple question. How often to you go to eat at a fancy restaurant (Don't bother if you have a nocturnal lifestyle)? Common Answer: Sometimes!! But ultimately most of the days you end up having dinner at home. Why? It may not be too fancy but its good for your health and reasonable on the pocket.

Thats what outsourcing is! No matter how much the US tries to retain their business within their economy, it won't last. If you set up a business, you would do so for profit so that you can feed yourself and your family. Therefore you would look for solutions that are reasonable and effective at the same time. Hence Outsourcing!

Therefore these simple answers are may be the reason why most businesses would turn towards the home cooked meal which is outsourcing.

My prediction?

There may be a temporary decline, but nothing long term to affect the industry overall.

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