Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy little thing called luck?

I have been watching closely the technology trends and the market demand for such as far as websites and small to medium web applications are concerned. To be more precise, Microsoft Technologies vs Opensource.

The answer clearly is Opensource Technologies. Its easy to code, its easy to deploy AND more importantly affordable. Traditionalists may argue that developing an application on lets say ASP.NET makes its much more robust, secure and scalable and all of this, thanks to the .Net framework. True! But has someone told them that you can accomplish all of this with oh lets say, CakePHP and Ruby On Rails? Yes old guys! Don't be so shocked!

The bottomline is, small to medium projects on .Net are fast dissappearing and Opensource projects going through the roof. Yes, the high-end application market is still ruled by MS Technologies but not for long. GONE ARE THE DAYS of the big bullys at Microsoft Technologies.

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